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The Positive Impact

Our programs and activities are designed to be a catalyst that helps community members reach their goals and fulfil their potential.

Contact The Positive Impact to begin a process that could change the course of a young life and help avoid impending pitfalls.

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Why Choose Positive Impact

  • The Positive Impact Have A Bespoke Way Of Allowing Our Youth Of Today To Make Beter Life Choices To Be The Best Adult Of Tomorrow, By The Use Of Mentoring, Guidence And Exercise.
  • The Positive Impact Have A Lot Of Experinced Based Knowledge That Allows Us To Have Empathy With Those Struggling At The Same Time Of A Proven Track Record To Allow Change.
  • The Positive Impact Will Never Judge Anyone For The Position They Find Themselves In. It Is A Process, As Is The Change Needed To Achieve A Happier Full Filled Life.

Our Programmes

This Programme Is Based Around Guiding, Teaching And Mentoring Our Young People In A Way Of Giving Them Knowledge That When Big Life Choices Come Their Way They Have The Means To Make A Decision With A Full Understanding Of What The Different Outcomes Can Be

We Have Various 1 Day Workshop Programmes. From Exploitation, Mental Health, Addiction, Drugs, Gangs, Knives As Well As Having The Opttion To Design A Bespoke Programme Based Around What The Needs Of The School Are At That Time.

These Sesssions Tend To Work Best When There Is A Young Person/S That Are Starting To Drift Over The Threshold Into Some Less Desirable Life Choices. Be It Starting To Get Involved With Drugs, Becoming Involved In Gang Type Activities Or Maybe Something Like Starting To Carry Weapons. Having The Option To Be Able To Mentor, Discuss And Guide These Young People In A One-2- One Setting Has Had Amazing Results And Will Always Continue To Do So. There Is No Need For The Young People To Put What We Call Their “Mask” On When In A One-2-one Setting.

A Lot Of Our Young People Of Today Reall Do Struggle To Open Up About Whhat Is Really Going On In Their Life. They Keep Their Stresses, Emotions, Failures And Successes In. This Can Then Result In Them Having Behaviour Issues. Whether At School, Home Or In Their Social Life.

Ptt Is A Great Way Of Releasing Endorphins (Good Feel Emotion), Which Then Allows The Young Person The Opportunity To Bring Their Guard Down A Bit Which Also Allows Us The Chance To Find Out What Really Is Going On And Figure Out A Way To Move Froward With A More Positive Attitude

We have a 10 week programme that has been set up as a way of doing many things. It is part of an Anti Knife crime programme called “Put down the knife, enjoy your life” as well as being part of local councils plans to educate and guide our youths of today to be the best adult of tomorrow they can be.